The book “Life As Art, The Club 57 Story” is not perfect and short. I apologize if I didn't write about you. If you were a Club 57 member or a fan add your name, experience and feeling on this page You can do it for your own satisfaction, for your friends and family or for the large internet audience. I invite you to be part of New York history! I want to read your comments and feel your soul, heart and mind.

I just received the following letters;

Dear Stanley,
How are you? I finally got your great book. Thank you for the kind words and the tribute to Bruce Paskow. You have an honest and direct writing style that I value.
I often think of those days with you at Irving Plaza and your kindness, enthusiasm, humor and love of life. We send you our thanks and love.
Gregor Laraque & Michelle

From the Shakespeare, THOUSAND THANKS CARD:
Hey Stanley - I think of you often.
Thanks for Club 57!!!
Danny Johnson

(Danny was one of the sweetest girl in the club.
Then what was wrong with me? Why didn't I marry her?!)

To avoid misinformation caused by human mistakes, time and "computer virus"
here is the information of “who was who” at Club 57:

   1. Stanley Strychacki
Founder, Director and Rock Concert promoter

   2. Chris Gremski
First manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place
Irving Plaza manager and Rock Concert promoter

   3. Ann Magnuson
Second manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place

   4. Andy Rees
3rd manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place

   5. Ira Abramowitz
4th manager at 57 St. Mark’s Place

   6. Tom Scully
Founder of Monster Movie Club
DJ at Irving Plaza

   7. Susan Hannaford
Cofounder of Monster Movie Club
Assistant director at Irving Plaza

   8. John Richard
Hall manager at Irving Plaza

   9. Kathy Gallager
Art programmer and booking agent at Irving Plaza

All of them dedicated to the club and loyal to me. They always worked with me especially once a week when we discussed the following week schedule. They never stopped creating the home of FRIENDSHIP AND ART - Club 57.

Your friend,